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เครดิต ฟรี ล่าสุด ได้ จริง

Your IT, Digital and Data recruitment partner

Net Talent is a specialist recruitment consultancy focusing on Technology, Digital and Data roles across Scotland, the UK and beyond. We connect businesses with the technical talent they need to thrive and grow, and we help technology professionals discover the opportunities that take their careers to new heights.

Our business is based on people – our team, our candidates and our clients. From developing our own people to building lasting relationships with employers and candidates, we’ve built our business and our reputation by building partnerships with people.

By focusing on successful relationships, every project, placement and contract starts with a deeper understanding – and ends with more successful clients and even more rewarding careers.

Whatever’s next for you, we’re ready to be your partner.

The results speak for themselves - discover more in the video below.





Our People

At Net Talent, we don¡¯t believe in the stereotypical recruitment consultancy model. Our business is based on people ¨C our team, our candidates and our clients. All of our work is based around the things that make us strong... Read More

Our Customers

At Net Talent, we make your business our business. We know that to have that ¡°must have¡± edge for your business in a competitive world, you need the very best talent that you can find. Or that we can find for you ... Read More

Our Candidates

At Net Talent, we know that it all starts with you, the candidate. And we know that changing role can often be a challenging ¨C and exhilarating ¨C time. That¡¯s why we take the time to get to know and to understand you ... Read More

Ready to find your next big challenge? Let's Go!

Featured Jobs

Infrastructure Engineer

Infrastructure Operations Lead

Company : Retailing/Manufacturing? Role : Infrastructure Operations Lead? Location : Bellshill, Glasgow (Hybrid - WFH/On-site) Salary : up to ¡ê65,000 ? Description :? We are currently supporting one our large, global clients?based in Bellshill, Scotland in...


Can you help Students through these tough times ??

Tom Watson who is in his last year now at Uni was like many other students lost for a placement during covid, which is a huge part of their learning and development in their final years. We seen an opportunity where we could offer Tom a paid placement in the Summer to work with us at Net Talent where he could learn han... read more...

Meeting our Team - GINKA

Can you tell us more about your role within Net Talent ? I am a recruiter that makes placements and changes people's lives. I am responsible for sourcing good quality candidates for variety of roles including Software Engineering at various levels and technologies including Java, Python, Ruby, JavaScript etc and Busine... read more...